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Repair Process

Repair Process


1) Estimate

Itemize visual damage & note potential areas of concern. (Inner-Structure, Wheel Alignment, & Electrical are common)

2) Insurance Approval

We work with all insurance companies, & make the calls needed to expedite your claim process.

3) Disassembly

With your authorization, the repair process is started.

4) Order Parts

Most parts are available within 24 hrs. allowing us to start repairs almost immediately.

5) Structural Repair

Laser Accurate Frame Measuring & skilled technicians make customer satisfaction easy.

6) Body Repair

Plenty of space, a clean environment, & the latest technology give our shop an advantage over the competition.

7) Paint

Critical steps are followed during Color Matching & Paint Application for a Like New Repair.

8) Reassembly

Care is taken when handling freshly painted parts.

9) Detailing

Polishing, washing, & waxing are the final steps to a completed repair.

10) Completed!

With a Quality Control Inspection completed, you're called immediately to make arrangements for pickup.